Gluten free goodies

I’ve always loved to bake so just because I’ve gone gluten free does NOT mean I’m going to quit baking. I just had to change up a few things! Thank God for the other pioneers in gluten free baking out there! I’ve found some great recipes. Here is a delicious breakfast muffin recipe I found: I decided to do raspberry instead of blueberries because I had some fresh ones. They turned out so great! Heat them in the microwave in the morning and put a little butter on them, and they will melt in your mouth!




Also, I have adapted my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe from Ellie Krieger (Triple Chocolate Cookies). She uses both all purpose and whole wheat flour, so I just replaced it with white rice flour. And of course I had to add xantham gum (authentic foods, corn-free) to the mix. For whatever reason, gluten free cookies spread out a lot while cooking. But they taste great!




Margarita-style Gluten-free pizza

This gluten-free pizza crust has been my most successful so far. Here is the recipe:

For margarita style pizza, I just do an olive oil and minced garlic base. Then I add mozzarella and cheddar cheese and the sliced tomatoes. Since I can’t have basil right now, I’ll do some fresh parsley. And…Ta-da!


Gluten-free french baguette for Banh Mi

I found this blog post referencing lots of different bread recipes. You can visit it here: I chose to make a french baguette for a recipe Stephen created this weekend. The bread recipe is here: The bread turned out great! As expected, gluten free bread is denser, but it still had a great taste. Here is a picture:


I would love to give props to my husband, Stephen, who is an excellent cook. We did Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches with pulled pork and man, oh man, they were delicious!! Stephen is great with BBQ and he smoked two boston butts on his Weber smoker. He chopped up cucumbers, a jalapeno, and red onions as garnishes. Then he marinated grated Japanese radish and carrots in vinegar overnight so they were pickled. That was by far the best topping! That radish smells funky, but it tastes awesome! I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. Sorry! But trust me; we will be doing that one again!