Gluten-free french baguette for Banh Mi

I found this blog post referencing lots of different bread recipes. You can visit it here: I chose to make a french baguette for a recipe Stephen created this weekend. The bread recipe is here: The bread turned out great! As expected, gluten free bread is denser, but it still had a great taste. Here is a picture:


I would love to give props to my husband, Stephen, who is an excellent cook. We did Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches with pulled pork and man, oh man, they were delicious!! Stephen is great with BBQ and he smoked two boston butts on his Weber smoker. He chopped up cucumbers, a jalapeno, and red onions as garnishes. Then he marinated grated Japanese radish and carrots in vinegar overnight so they were pickled. That was by far the best topping! That radish smells funky, but it tastes awesome! I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. Sorry! But trust me; we will be doing that one again!




6 thoughts on “Gluten-free french baguette for Banh Mi

  1. Gluten free bread?! Ok, now I can take this movement seriously. I thought I’d have to give up my first love: bread 🙂 This is something that both Robert and I want to look into when we move back from China. His mother is gluten free now and her health has improved greatly. It looks like we’ll have to have another cooking night and you can show me some great recipes!

    • There are many health benefits linked to gluten free diet! I’m not surprised his mom is feeling better! Thankfully there are a lot of good recipes testers out there that have found good bread recipes. Thank God lol! Can’t wait for our supper club night again hehe. Almost a month away now!!

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