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This is my first official blog post! I decided to start a blog as a great way to chronicle my journey becoming gluten-free. This all started when my sister, Bri, was feeling ill and couldn’t figure out the root of the problem. After doing a lot of research she found a blood test through ALCAT labs that can determine what food intolerances you have. Bri suspected she was gluten intolerant and was relieved to find out that was the cause of her troubles. The blood test instructs you to give up any foods in your severe intolerance category for 6 months, foods in your moderate category for 3-6 months, and to avoid as much as possible all the foods in your mild category. She was able to do that and saw immediate results. The point is to reintroduce the problem foods one at a time and figure out which ones actually give you noticeable symptoms. Now, she only has to be off of gluten and feels amazing. All this led to my father and myself getting the test done. My dad is about 3 months ahead of me, and to no surprise, is feeling the best he’s ever felt in years.

I’ve only been on my journey since the 14th, so I’ve got a long ways to go. Unfortunately, for me, my test results were difficult to digest (ha ha). My gluten intolerance was in the severe category, along with mustard, scallops and few fish that I don’t typically eat anyway. My moderate column was the most difficult with having corn, chicken and beef, along with basil and shrimp and a few other things on there that are hard to avoid. And by the way, corn is in everything, in case you didn’t know. Praise God, I don’t also have to deal with a dairy intolerance! Otherwise, I think I would die from starvation, hah! As I’m sure you can tell, it’s been hard to cook having to eliminate chicken and beef from my diet. By the end of the 3 months, when I can finally reintroduce one of those, you might find me waddling around gobbling like a turkey or snorting like a pig from consuming so much of those! But hey, if I was walking around, snorting like a pig, at least I’d have something in common with my nine-month-old golden retriever named Parker. That’s what he does all the time because he’s constantly trying to find food! He’s got a crazy food drive. I’ll post pictures of him and my other one, Piper later : )

Thankfully, there are some good fish options I can have as well so I’ll have to get creative with the cooking, I guess. And I can have most vegetables and fruit. So far I have found a pretty good pizza dough recipe that’s been working well also. I will keep you guys posted on my journey!


2 thoughts on “My blog

  1. Hal and I are trying GF too. Especially for Hal since he is pre-diabetic. Tyler really thinks this will help him. Good luck on cooking. I am having those challenges too.

  2. I can’t wait to try the GF pizza. When do Mon and I get invited over for dinner? My side will need to be non-dairy cheese. Since it’s been three months for me, I’ll test the baker yeast intolerance.

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